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We take pride in caring
for children of all ages.

At The Beauty of Motherhood, we are proud to extend our support to the families of Mecklenburg County (28216) with our comprehensive Child Care Services. Understanding the critical importance of early childhood development, we are dedicated to promoting literacy, health, social, emotional, as well as gross and fine motor skills to ensure each child is well-prepared for their school years. Our commitment to safety and excellence is demonstrated through our CPR and First Aid certified caregivers, along with our SIDS certification—ensuring peace of mind for parents that their little ones are cared for within a secure and nurturing environment.


Child Care Services


Support Services

Embracing the intimate journey of motherhood, The Beauty of Motherhood offers a suite of Support Services tailored to nurture and guide new mothers. Our Breastfeeding Peer Counseling program connects you with experienced counselors who provide practical advice, emotional support, and a shared understanding of the breastfeeding experience. Complementing this is our Postpartum Doula service, where our compassionate doulas offer personalized care, ensuring a smooth and supported transition through the postpartum period. These services are designed with your well-being in mind, offering a helping hand when you need it most.

Unlock the secrets to a successful breastfeeding journey with The Beauty of Motherhood’s comprehensive Breastfeeding Classes. Whether you’re a new or expectant mother, our classes are designed to teach you effective positioning techniques, ensuring comfort and nourishment for both you and your baby. We address common fears and objections, empowering you with the confidence and knowledge to embrace breastfeeding. Choose between the convenience of virtual learning or the personal touch of in-person sessions, and start your prenatal breastfeeding education equipped with the support and guidance you need.


Breastfeeding Classes