Hair Loss After Having your baby!!

Many new moms see noticeable hair loss a few months after having a baby. According to American Academy of Dermatology “Many new moms see noticeable hair loss a few months after having a baby. This is normal — and not true hair loss. Dermatologists refer to this condition as excessive hair shedding. The excessive shedding is caused by falling estrogen levels”.

“Hormones are the biggest reason for your pregnancy hair changes and postpartum hair loss.

During pregnancy, your high levels of estrogen prevented your usual rate of hair loss. Normally, your hair falls out in small amounts every day. During pregnancy, your hair loss decreases. The effect is compounded by your increased blood volume and circulation, which also causes your hair to fall out less than normal”.

So after your baby arrives and your hormone levels drop, your hair makes up for lost time by falling out in much bigger clumps than it normally does. The total volume of your hair loss probably isn’t more than you would have lost over the last nine months, it just seems like it because it’s happening all at once.

Postpartum hair loss can set in any day after your baby arrives, and it sometimes continues as long as a year. It usually peaks around the 4-month mark, so if your baby is a few months old and you’re still losing clumps of hair, that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic”. –

I am here to let you know that it is normal and you truly have bigger fish to fry such as getting your baby to latch correctly if you are breastfeeding. I have learned through my journey of motherhood to just do what you can. Never worry about anything else because you will become depressed trying to find ways to cope. Forget about what you want, and realize that as a new mother the focus needs to be on your baby and yourself as a mother. Many women want to lose weight dramatically after being pregnant for nine months. It has taking you nine whole months to get to where you are, so provide yourself with the truth that it will take time for some mothers to do what we call “bounce back”.

What is the rush on bouncing back anyway, where do you plan to go after you have given birth? I would suggest you understand how your body works and know through it all that you are amazing just the way you are, whether you have a “new look” or your hair has falling out, which is normal……… I urge you to focus on the task at hand and be well and know that #youdeservetheworld!!!

Tips on Hair loss:

  • Leave your hair alone
  • Eat Well
  • Take your vitamins
  • Relax