Why 40 Days After Child Birth is so Important! It’s Healing Time! #youarethebom

All over the world, there are cultural practices to support a mother during their postpartum period. Each women regardless on how many children you have need to realize how DELICATE this time is to heal your body! 40 days of postpartum SHOULD NOT be a luxury for certain mothers, and it is time that we talk about this!

Many women in the US have no choice but to return to work. We are now in a time where we are kicked out of the hospital within two or three days instead of recovering from a delivery. When women get out of bed it does decrease the chances of blood clots that may progressed during this crucial time. But in no way do we as women need to get back to regular programming and clean, cook, and tend to the other children. It is important that we receive support from family and friends and if for any reason we do not have that support, the goal is to create one.

Women should not go out, family should not come in unless they are tending to the needs of the mother and baby. This is a time to restore our energy balance within ourselves and to protect baby from various diseases. Women should drink hot fluids or room temperature teas or soup. With time we can prevent less “baby blues” and more healthier habits regarding motherhood. We as women are already having a hard time adjusting to the needs of a new baby and establishing milk supply. Women need to continue their prenatal vitamins even after the 40 days of postpartum especially if they are breastfeeding. Having a balanced diet of whole grains, fibers, fruits and vegetables and proteins. A lot of rest for mothers will help get their bodies adjusted and far well off.

Your organs need time to heal. It takes a women almost 270-300 days to give birth, within those days our bodies are changing for our baby to be able to grow and develop, Our body’s and organs are moved around, our hormone levels are changing, urinary system, gastrointestinal systems are changing. What makes you think as a women that you can just get up and move and your body will be ok. It is NOT ok, and it is time that we HEAL. Do we realize as mothers that we will NEVER be ok and that in itself is OK!! It is time that we acknowledge and transition from being pregnant to having our child and accept that our bodies are not made to get up and go as we normally would.

The only thing you as a mother need to do is REST! Nothing more, nothing less! Feed your baby the best milk in the world and bond with your baby! We as women need to be nurtured by our support system and remember #youdeservetheworld!!

It is time to heal and stop rushing the process of becoming a new mother. Having what is called a “Snapback” is THEE most unrealistic thing a women could ever think and you are always going to be beautiful. Do not neglect yourself during this time and do what you are to do as a new mom.