Importance of Breastfeeding for the Black Mom!!

I hope that African American women pay particular attention to the information provided here.this particular guide is geared towards African American women. The reason being is that so many of us are not aware of the facts and benefits of breastfeeding. A clear understanding of these facts will empower us to take the early childcare steps that can prevent our babies from growing up with chronic health conditions. Studies show that there are huge social and economic disparities that prohibit ethnic women from receiving the proper resources and information during this critical time in their baby’s lives

A lack of external resources leads to a lack of information, which in turn leads to women who are not empowered with the evidence based details that facilitate competent choices in our journey of motherhood. Evidenced based information for all mothers but ESPECIALLY African American women around the world.

I am here to let you know that,, #,YOUARETHEBOM and ,#YOUDESERVETHEWORLD no matter how the world views us as a whole. Breastfeeding is a protective factor, our strength, our right to dismantle the barriers between infant mortality rates and maternal deaths. With effective interventions; interactions between women, friends, families and communities so we can overcome these barriers. Current breastfeeding interventions do not meet all our needs such as social and psychological breastfeeding needs.

Multiple studies have found that breastfeeding has a positive effect for both mothers and their babies, Yet we are still being treated in such a way that we do not believe WE CAN DO IT! But, I know you can because I have and so many other African American women are beginning to see the importance in breastfeeding their babies.

Continue to stay educated, get involved and advocte for yourself. Always reach out to ,, for Doulas, Midwives and more in your area, Know that you deserve to be well and taking care of. Lets change the Narrative!!