The Art of Belly Binding!! Why its important after birth!

A tradition in which we need and must bring back to the world for women. Women should wear this belly binder for 10-12 hours a day for at least 40 days postpartum. Often women who use belly binding after birth return to their pre-pregnancy size with six to eight weeks. For women who had a c- section the recommended time frame for this is between six to eight weeks so that your incision can heal first before belly binding.

Belly binding helps retrain core muscles as well as correct women postures while you breastfeed your newborn. Binding helps the uterus shrink and compress while flushing out postpartum bleeding. It also supports loose ligaments and provides support to the torso while your organs return to their size and position. The key is that you must know how to use a belly binder to wrap safely or you could ultimately damange or harm yourself. You have to be careful not to clinch the wrap too tightly. If you compress too tightly the pressure can move from your core to the pelvic floor which can result in a buldged and you will need even more time to recover. Gentle support is key when wearing a belly wrap and I would suggest you take one of my belly binding classes to ensure you are safely using it. You can sign up for a class at

Key things to remember:

Never wrap too tightly

Do not wear the wrap longer than you need to– the sooner you feel like your muscles are recovering, the les you will need to wear it. Allow your muscles to do the work by walking around, standing up, getting off the couch and more.

If you have a C-section wait six to eight weeks or talk to your provider to see if your incion has healed!

DO NOT use a WAIST TRAINER– a Belly binder is not the same and trainers have a heavier compression.

Get an all Clear from your doctor-If you have any preexisting conditions, you must consult a doctor ( c-section, preeclampsia and more).